Thursday, May 29, 2014

Warsaw and Pulaski New York

Try as we might last night, the internet was simply not available to us at the East Hill Motel in Warsaw, New York where we stayed, so I have two days worth to catch up with.

The Something Special Suites where we stayed in Corry, Pennsylvania the night before last didn't offer breakfast (why should they, since they provide a full kitchen?)  So we just made coffee for ourselves and headed as far as Frewsburg, New York before stopping under a shade tree by the side of the road to finish our leftovers from Willa's Pizzeria from the night before.

Then we continued to Randolph where we stopped for a drink at Pete's Place, and so we could use the facilities.  From there we drove to East Aurora where we had lunch at The Ice House and Pete's Pub.

We then made it as far as Warsaw for the night.  Since neither my smart phone, nor the internet was of use, I resorted to using my navigation device to try and find a place to eat.  The most interesting sounding thing to me was a restaurant called Tim Hortons, which turned out to be a kind of Starbucks that also offered donuts, as well as selections from their modest menu.

Tom had noticed a DiMartino's Italian Restaurant and Sports Bar maybe three blocks before we got to Tim Hortons, that our Magellan device seemed not to be aware of.  Still, we ate at Tim Hortons, but I told Tom that if we circled back to the Sports Bar, and they have better looking food coming out of the kitchen, we're going to feel really dumb.  Which is exactly what happened.  To add insult to injury, the bartender did not know how to make a Long Island or Martini.

Our room at the East Hill had no coffee maker or microwave, nor did they provide coffee in the lobby, so we headed to Lantz's Bulk Foods and Coffee Shop, just in time to miss breakfast, but they did offer a great cup o' Joe.  The business appeared to be run by religious types. 

All-in-all, the East Hill Motel was reminiscent to me of the fictitious Bates motel from "Psycho" (and that's all I'm gonna say.)

Today was overcast and cool, but just as we were leaving Lantz's, we saw a guy in a yellow convertible late model Thunderbird with the top down, and we thought, "If that guy can do it, so can we".  We had to wear jackets and run the heater almost the entire day, and so it didn't take us that long to admit to ourselves that if we were at home in California, we would not be driving top down in such dreary weather.  We ultimately concluded that maybe the yellow T-bird's top didn't work, so the guy may not have had any choice in the matter when he drove it. Still, by the middle of the afternoon, the clouds stubbornly gave way.

Relying again on the Magellan for a place to stop and eat, we headed toward The Lighthouse Tavern in Oswego (thinking that Tavern was sort of code for a place that serves food).  Had to use the rest rooms, so we sat down for drinks, then headed off to the Super 8 in Pulaski, New York which is our ultimate destination where we will deliver the shadow box that has been taking up most of the back seat since we left.  We've yet to see how well it fared over the few thousand miles.  We'll either be pleased, disappointed or something in between.

Today marks us three weeks out, and our plane tickets home are for a week from today.  We plan on having the Mustang detailed hopefully tomorrow, since this was always going to be a one-way trip for the car.  I'll miss it somewhat, 'cuz it is a fun ride (being manual transmission and all).

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