Saturday, May 24, 2014

Angola, Indiana

Our night in Chicago consisted of going to dinner at the Mei's restaurant that was attached to the Best Western we were staying at.  Everybody we talked to on the phone told us to get pizza, but it had just taken us three days to finish the pizza from the Stadium Bar & Grill in Springfield, Illinois and so we were kind of pizzad-out at this particular moment in time.

Even so, we probably should have taken their advice, since Mei's was a disappointment as far as the service, and the food was just okay.

Of course it would have been nice to spend at least a couple of days in the windy city, but we had a mission to continue on to upstate, New York to deliver a shadow box that was taking up the back seat of our Mustang.

So we put the pedal to the metal and drove about an hour and a half on the toll highway and then had lunch at a Burger King at a travel center just before we got to Elkhart, Indiana where we departed from the main road, and got onto a two-lane 55mph road with not that much commercial traffic on it, until we made it to Angola for the night, where we are staying at a Ramada (where they warned us not to drink the tap water).

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