Monday, May 26, 2014

Brunswick, Ohio

For dinner last night we ate at the Casa Mexicana which was sharing the same parking lot as the Bellevue Inn & Suites we were staying at in Bellevue, Ohio.  Don't remember the last time I went to a Mexican restaurant where I didn't take home a substantial amount of leftovers, but we ate just about everything but the tablecloth.  The food was tasty enough, but I've been to much better Mexican restaurants at home in So Cal.  Their chips and salsa were excellent, so they have the game half won.  If they worked on their Margaritas so they aren't so sweet, they'd have themselves a real winner.  (Plus larger portions.)

Some of the turn-of-the-last-century homes along Highway 20 in Bellevue were simply stunning, and it seemed from a casual observer's point of view that one neighborhood in particular seemed to have a rivalry going on as to who could make their home the head-turner of the block.  Made me wonder how they all rolled out the holidays.

It was such a lovely evening after eats, that we sat outside and burned a couple of cigars...the first time since Sayre, Oklahoma at the 66 Lounge where we smoked INDOORS.

Tom remembered that a fellow light bulb aficionado, Jerry Westlick lived in the general proximity of where we spent the night, and after an email and a phone call, arrangements were made to backtrack to Elmore in order to visit Jerry's collection of bulbs and antique clocks (two of which were tower clocks that he had to cut small rectangular holes into his floor in order to accommodate their pendulums, which were in the basement).  It was like visiting a museum that we didn't have to pay an admission.

Today was Memorial Day, the sky was blue and the sun was beaming, and if I tried to count the number of folks out on their scooters, it probably would have been well over one hundred.  We've been trying to stick to the two-lane roads, since driving with the top down, going seventy and trying
 to keep up with the big rigs is not exactly relaxing.

Stopped for lunch in Sandusky at the Mo Boyz BBQ, then continued on to Brunswick, (a suburb of Cleveland), where we're staying at a Quality Inn.

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