Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last day

The only things on our agenda today was to mail a couple of boxes of stuff home, call Dann on the phone (who's our ride home from the Long Beach, California airport) and to gas up the Mustang in order to deliver it with a full tank (seeing as we're kind of classy that way).

Cousin Tommy came over to the Super 8 where we've been staying in Pulaski for the past week in order to fit the convertible with its new New York license plates.  (Gotta say, it was a much cooler car with California plates.)

After the Dr. Phil show and an episode of Bar Rescue, we headed over to Eddy's Place for a final meal in New York 'til the next time.

Tomorrow night we'll be sleeping in our own beds, pooch by our side.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Winding it down

Couldn't go to Eddy's Place for dinner last night, because they're closed on Mondays, so we ended up again at LD's Alehouse.  This time we sat at the bar to ensure our drinks were made correctly this time.

When we parked the convertible, the weather was a little threatening, so we put the top up and closed the windows, but we did not latch the top down, leaving about a one inch gap.  Had our meal, and just as we were winding it down, Tom got this feeling that he ought to check to see if it was raining.  It was.  "Check, please!" 

We hurried to the car, then had to dry off the dashboard and console somewhat, but it was no worse off for wear.

Got a late start today, but did manage to go out for ice cream cones after the Dr. Phil show ended at 4:00.  By then the weather which was overcast and raining off and on all morning, had now given way to sunshine.  We took a short drive before heading over to cousin Tom and Bev's where we had been invited for dinner. 

We sat and visited for some time when the weather again began to threaten, so my Tom went out and put the top up and latched it on the Mustang.  About five minutes later it started to gently rain, and then it started to pour, and then it started to hail.  Didn't expect that, since it was about 80 degrees out.

After dinner we went through all the paperwork necessary for the transfer of our vehicle to my cousin and his wife who are now the proud new owners, and who admitted being in a bit of a state of disbelief.

From there we called it an evening and headed back to the Super 8 in Pulaski.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Camden, New York

Today it was supposed to rain, but the forecast changed to partly cloudy and a high of eighty.  It ended up climbing to 92 degrees.  The beautiful day beckoned, and since we're not really sure when we're going to drive another convertible, we were compelled to take another drive in the country with the top down (like that ever gets old).  Tomorrow there's supposed to be thundershowers.

Went to Salmon River Falls, then ended up in Camden, New York for lunch at Avicolli's Pizza.  After eats we wandered across the street to the Good Life Tavern for happy hour before circling back to Pulaski and visiting awhile with cousin Tommy and Bev Filkins.

It's Monday today, and since she had the weekend off, we're going back to Eddy's Place tonight to find out if the bartender, Tee's Dad had gone to school with my Dad.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ride in the country, anyone?

Today was drop-dead gorgeous.  Once we glued the few things back onto the shadowbox that had shaken loose, then reassembled it, there was little left to do but take a ride with the top down on the convertible.

Drove down country roads past farm after farm, then quaint village after quaint village, ending up for a late lunch at the Boathouse Restaurant nestled next to Lake Ontario, in a town I failed to take specific note of, but it was quite picturesque.  It was Something Landing or Landing Something.

We pretty much called it a day after that, heading back to the Super 8 in Pulaski, NY to forage on snacks and leftovers for the evening.