Monday, June 2, 2014

Camden, New York

Today it was supposed to rain, but the forecast changed to partly cloudy and a high of eighty.  It ended up climbing to 92 degrees.  The beautiful day beckoned, and since we're not really sure when we're going to drive another convertible, we were compelled to take another drive in the country with the top down (like that ever gets old).  Tomorrow there's supposed to be thundershowers.

Went to Salmon River Falls, then ended up in Camden, New York for lunch at Avicolli's Pizza.  After eats we wandered across the street to the Good Life Tavern for happy hour before circling back to Pulaski and visiting awhile with cousin Tommy and Bev Filkins.

It's Monday today, and since she had the weekend off, we're going back to Eddy's Place tonight to find out if the bartender, Tee's Dad had gone to school with my Dad.

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