Friday, May 16, 2014

Chandler, Oklahoma

Tom's spectacles came apart this morning, so we had to start the day off at the ACE hardware store in Weatherford for some super glue.

We had breakfast at The Mark, next to the Best Western we stayed at, 'cuz they had a deal with the restaurant, and therefore didn't have to set up a breakfast room like most Best Westerns.

We fixed Tom's glasses at breakfast, but the glue was out of date, and not very liquid like it's supposed to be when you buy it new, so we had to go back to ACE for an exchange.

The good news is that it was finally a nice enough day to drive with the top down the whole day.  Only had to spend a little time on the freeway while we were making it through Oklahoma City.

Since we didn't make a lot of progress yesterday, we had determined that we were not going to indulge ourselves with diversions, (including stopping for lunch) and just try and put some miles behind us.  And yet we turned a bend in Warwick, only to find a motorcycle museum that Tom could simply not resist, nor should he have.  Doesn't beat the one in Solvang, but it's free with a suggested donation.

So we again didn't make a whole lot of progress, and only used about a quarter of a tank of gas, stopping in Chandler at the Lincoln Motel for the night.  Dinner was at B's in the Econo Lodge.  There's no night life in Chandler, so it's cable tv for the evening's entertainment.

Tulsa is still ahead, and I doubt we'll make it out of Oklahoma by tomorrow.

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