Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Having accessed the day's weather, and determining that Santa Fe would not make it out of the forties, we decided we'd plow on to Texas, and skip the optional Santa Fe loop along 66.

Once we left Albuquerque, we did notice the shrubs had a fresh dusting of snow, and in some places, snow on the ground.  Had lunch in Moriarty at Shorty's BBQ.

Most of our drive today consisted of frontage road, and for about 40 miles we just couldn't resist lowering the top, even though we had to put the heat on full blast.

Made it out of New Mexico into Texas, but didn't quite make it to Amarillo and stopped in Vega for the night where we had a delicious meal at Roosters.

Going to watch the rest of "Frontline" now.  More later.

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