Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Springfield

From the Comfort Inn in Edwardsville, Illinois where they provided a breakfast, we put the top down and took the circuitous loop that was the1926-1930 alignment of Route 66 on the way to Springfield where we planned on going to a phone museum (since Tom is a phone man).

Tried to have the oil changed at a couple of places along the way that were just too busy at the time, and their help was out for lunch.  We managed to at least have the Mustang washed, and by the time we got to Carlinville we found a mechanic who could take us in for the oil change.

We continued to Girard where we had lunch at Ron's Red Bird CafĂ©.  We found out that the phone museum that we were going to visit here in Springfield has been closed for several years, so tomorrow we're going to go to our second choice, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

Don't know what's up for eats tonight yet, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

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