Monday, May 12, 2014


When we left the Best Western in Flagstaff, it was actually snowing slightly.  Definitely not a top-down kind of day. And we knew we'd have to be on the 75 mph portion of 66 for most of the day, so it was almost poetic that it was too cold for craving the wind in our hair.

As a reward for having to be on so much freeway, we did go and visit Meteor Crater where we had lunch at the Subway, if for no other reason that we had gift cards.  Then we had to stop in Winslow, because we were instructed by a friend to buy her a t-shirt, and have our pictures taken next to the Indian.  We found one.

Made it as far as Gallup and stayed at the Iconic El Rancho. Wanted to go to Sammy C's Rock 'N Sports Pub and Grille for dinner, but we were going by a website that said they were open until 10, which they were, but just not for food.  Had to settle for Taco Hell.

From Gallup we were able to take many two lane roads where there was no one in front, no one behind and only a rare oncoming vehicle.  Oh, except for the occasional biker or walker pushing an all-terrain cart out in the middle of nowhere.  Most of them did not appear to have ecstatic expressions on their face.  Well, it was still not a top-down kind of day, as it was in the mid-fifties.  Ironically, we haven't been able to ride top-down since our last day in California.  Funny.

We decided to take the optional 1937 alignment loop through Los Lunas where we found a Tractor Rib & BBQ Brew Pub for lunch that was a definite improvement over chain outlets (not that they don't have their place.)

Tonight we're staying at the Monterey Non-Smokers Motel in Albuquerque.  This place is a complete bargain, quite spacious and every bit as nice as the Best Westerns we've been staying at.  (Keeping in mind that there's no complimentary breakfast.)  And they provide real glasses and real coffee mugs, instead of that throwaway crap.

We have gift cards for BJ's, and so as boring as that is, that's where we're going for dinner tonight.

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