Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bellevue, Ohio

Went to Piggy's for dinner in Angola, Indiana last night.  Since we unknowingly crossed over into another time zone, AND laundry had to be done, we got to Piggy's just after the main menu was being offered, but we could still get bar food.  Plus we could order grownup drinks that the bartender knew how to make to our liking without having to go look it up.

Earplugs were not just a necessity, but a sanity saver, as there was a DJ playing the same awful crap tune after tune that sounded like Disco, but with a Techno sound, (which I'm sure has a specific name, but my name for it was, "Let's finish up so we can blow this joint").  Plus it was way louder than was comfortable. (Earplugs.  Is there nothing they can't do?)

We had breakfast at the Ramada that we were staying at in Angola, and then hit some back roads until we parked under the shade of a tree in Napoleon, Ohio where we ate our leftovers from Piggy's from the night before.  There was a young lad (maybe 8 or 9) who passed back and forth on his bicycle by our convertible (with the top down), quite curious as to our purpose as we discussed the Ohio road map and our next moves.

We stopped in Bowling Green at Beckett's Burger Bar for a couple of screwdrivers (but mainly to use the restroom), and then continued on to Bellevue, Ohio where we're staying at the Bellevue Inn and Suites.

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