Monday, May 19, 2014


In order to walk to the Tater Patch for dinner last night from the Best Western where we were staying in Rolla, MO, (instead of driving), we had to cut through a little patch of trees up a small incline, and then along a well-trodden path, through a parking lot, and then across a street.  Coming back, I'm really glad I had my phone flashlight, or it would have been a little hairy to get along the uneven trail between the young, but established trees.

Today the weather was not as drop-dead gorgeous as yesterday, but it was still top-down weather, as we never did use the heater. 

Went to the Meramec Caverns near Stanton, MO where we also bought Tom a couple of shirts, and had a serviceable lunch.  After getting lost, we did make it through St. Louis and into Illinois, though never expecting to make it out of Missouri having spent only one night there.

We're staying in Edwardsville at a Comfort Inn, and where we have plans to go to the Bull and Bear for supper.

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