Thursday, May 22, 2014


We thought we'd visit the bar at the bowling alley next door to the Best Western we were staying at in Lincoln, Illinois last night after we had leftover pizza for dinner, only to find out that they close early on Wednesdays.  Dang!  Made for an early night.

Since it was a hot, muggy day yesterday, it turned out to be a pretty good day to have spent five hours indoors at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield.  Today was mostly overcast, but in the seventies, so it was a pretty nice day for the top down and the wind in our hair, even though we did have to run the heater a little bit.

We finally finished off the pizza from the night before last for lunch at a picnic table in a park in Towanda, then we stopped in Lexington at Dat Bar for a couple of screwdrivers (mainly to use the facilities since the park in Towanda had none).

Managed to make it as far as Harrah's in Joliet before we called it a day.  It might be nice to stay two nights, just to vary our two-week routine of moving it along by checkout time.  (It's probably going to depend on how well the casino treats us.)

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