Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Springfield Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

Found a sports bar looking on the internet for someplace to eat in Springfield, Illinois last night.  It was called Stadium Bar & Grill.  I was expecting something a little more sophisticated, but it was a bit on the divey side...but we like divey.

The only thing they had on the menu for Tom to eat was pizza, which according to the menu was available on Fridays and Saturdays and it was a Tuesday.  After Tom asked about the pizza deal, the bartender/waitress verbally corrected the menu by telling us that they serve it 7 days a week now.  (Whew!)  Between the two of us we managed to finish a little over one third of it.  We're having leftover pizza for dinner tonight, and probably breakfast tomorrow and perhaps beyond.

Today we spent about five hours at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, so we didn't get very much farther down the road today.  Only made it to Lincoln to stay at yet another Best Western, but managed to be situated for the night before the rain began to fall.  No top down for us today.

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