Friday, May 30, 2014

Still Pulaski

For dinner last night we ate at Eddy's Place in Pulaski, New York.  It was refreshing to be able to order a Manhattan and a gin Martini, where I knew they could prepare them correctly without having to look up how to make them.

Today marked the first day in over three weeks where we stayed more than one night in any establishment.  The Super 8 that we're staying at offers breakfast, but since we didn't have to move along, we just slept through the nine o'clock deadline. Rather, I made Starbucks coffee for us using the microwave to heat the water, and a disposable cup with holes poked into the bottom and filter paper.

Somewhere after noon we got it together enough to venture out and run a few errands.  First on the agenda was to buy some flowers to lay on the graves of my grandparents, and to sprinkle some of my dad's ashes over their plots in the Richland cemetery.

We drove past what used to be the "Hotel" my grandparents once owned (that had long since morphed into a bar once the train no longer stopped in Richland).  We discovered that the Hotel was no longer a place of business, but a private residence, and I noticed new siding over the entire building.  The structure in front of the "Hotel" that was once my Dad's barbershop when he was a lad, still stands.

We circled back to Pulaski in order to tend to laundry, then we headed off to a car dealership where we arranged to have the Mustang detailed first thing tomorrow morning.

We nibbled on snacks and leftovers for lunch, then went to LD's Alehouse for supper.  Thinking we could again order our grownup Manhattan and Martini drinks was a misstep.  You know you have an issue when the help comes back and asks what kind of Vermouth should be used.  Plus it took forever for the drinks to come.  Turns out they used sweet Vermouth in both drinks, making Tom's Bombay Sapphire Martini quite different.  They offered to do it again, but Tom said it was okay, and nursed it until he finally finished it.  We were not charged for Tom's Martini.

For a nightcap we circled back to Eddy's Place where we ate the night before, and where we knew they could make our beverages without having to ask for advice in how to make them.

We have a nine o'clock appointment in the morning for car servicing, so if we we're smart, we'll make it an early night tonight.

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