Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It was too cold again today for it to be a pleasant drive with the top down, although it was a stunningly gorgeous day.  (We can now claim that we've been to Texas when it wasn't hot.)

Had lunch at Smokey Joe's in Amarillo, and then we found a barber so Tom could get the haircut we ran out of time for before we left Bellflower.  (And I was FULLY prepared to give him a 30 second buzz cut, but we were already running 15 minutes late.)

After Tom's coif we had to backtrack about 10 miles because we missed the Cadillac Ranch.  Didn't have to spend much windshield time on the Interstate, and for the most part along the frontage road (which we seemed to own) we were able to move along at a 55 mph clip.

Made it out of Texas, but only as far as Sayre, Oklahoma where we're staying at the Western Motel (not to be confused with Best Western).  I've stayed at nicer places, but it was only about sixty bucks, so what do you want?  Has a fridge and microwave.

It was a nice enough evening to briefly peel back the top off the Mustang to go down the road apiece where we had dinner at the Stardust Restaurant, and then we ended up driving down a 3 mile dirt road where our Magellan device assured us there was a club.  Instead of commerce, we encountered farmland when it informed us that we had arrived.

After circling back we ended up at the 66 Lounge where they had a beer license, and where they had two very busy pool tables.  The beer selection they offered was less than stellar, but we sat down and had a couple of Coors, mainly because they allow smoking indoors in bars in these parts, and so we decided that we'd really stink up the joint and smoke cigars.  Don't remember the last time I smoked a cigar indoors.

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