Saturday, May 17, 2014

Made it to Kansas

Seeing as how we spent three nights in Oklahoma (Sayre, Weatherford and Chandler), it was kind of a psychological thing for us to finally make it to the next state.

We scrounged with what we had for something to eat in the morning from leftovers and snacks before leaving the Lincoln Motel in Chandler, and I've devised (nay perfected) a way to make drip coffee by poking holes into the bottom of a disposable cup, using a coffee filter, putting some Farmer Brothers in that I brought along, and then boiling water in the microwave.  (Better than having to put clothes on, just to fetch coffee.)  I brought along (and replenished) my Coffee Mate Hazelnut fufu juice, so I'm good.  Tom drinks his coffee black, and in that respect is pretty easy to please.

It was another nice enough day to have the top down on the Mustang for the entire day, even though it was mostly overcast, and we had to run the heater for the most part.  (We simply considered ourselves show-off Californians.)  Ironically, back home they're complaining about one hundred-plus heat for the past week.

We stopped for lunch at the Ollie's Station Restaurant and Railroad Museum in Red Fork (a suburb of Tulsa) where they have a delightful and imaginative display of mostly miniatures.

The rest of the day was windshield time, even down a couple of gravel roads that we were not expecting.  (They were NICE gravel roads, though.)

We're staying at the Baxter Inn 4 Less in Baxter Springs, Kansas and have plans to go to the Red Ball Bar & Grill for eats tonight

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